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Bird watching

We have professionally trained guides, who help identify forest types and habitat that support various types of bird life. A habitat includes all four necessities for a bird's survival – food, water, shelter and nesting areas. Food in general are grains, seeds, fruits, nuts, nectar-producing flowers and prey such as insects, fish, mammals, reptiles and other birds too. We help you fimiliarise with this.


The grand old man of Indian bird watcher had said, ‘photography is a great way to begin bird watching’. Photographs bring birds closer to us for better observation such as body form, beak structure, plumage, colour, etc .


Birder’s Den is set a sprawling semi forested and partly horticulture land. The four terraced levels of the property lend a lovely ambience. The rooms are not cluttered and have ample space between them. The large airy dining room often becomes a rendezvous to exchange the days notes and a place for recreation too for nature loving individuals, families and group. We take extra care in using the minimal use of oil and spices in the healthy hearty food we serve.


Temperatures Of Birding Spots


                      December : 9.5°

                      January : 7.7°

                      February : 9°


                     December : 8°

                     January : 5.7°

                     February : 7°


                      December : 9.1°

                      January : 7.8°

                      February : 9.3°


                 December : 10°

                 January : 7.2°

                 February : 6°

Customer Reviews

Nice calm places , good for birding and picnic.You can find lots of birds.Great Services by lama birding trails.
A spectacular setting and lots of birdwatching. Saw many birds and had a picnic there thankyou lama birding trails for organising the tour
We were there right after the rains which made it stunning.Had a great time and must say locals are very hospitable.